Are you a not-for-profit organisation that engages in both fundraising and project management activities? Could you use a better overview of your projects, programmes, grants, available resources, budgets and results? Do you feel that you collect a lot of data, but gain little information? Do you wish to work more efficiently with a standardised project management system?

Optimise Projects, Maximise Impact

To optimise your project management is to maximise the impact you aim to achieve. We recognize that your projects, the actions that you take to achieve a sustainable change, are the core of your efforts and that you need solutions to get things done. ProjectConnect provides you with a tailored project management tool and services to do so.

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Frequently asked questions

Essential Modules

Project Management

Project Management for NGOs

Theory of Change

Theory of Change_project management

Project Financing

Project Financing_project management

Donor Management & Reporting

Donor Reporting_project management

Optional Modules

IATI reporting


Partner Contracts

Partner contracts_project management

Grant Management

Grant Management_project management

Partner Management

Partner management_project management

Outcome Harvesting

Outcome Harvesting_project management

Capacity Planning & Time Sheets

Capacity Planning_project management

Interfaces & Apps

Interfaces & apps_project management

Programme Monitoring

Programme Monitoring_project management

Project Updates

Project Updates_project management

Fund Management

Fund Management_project management

Online Collaboration

Online Collaboration_project management