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NGOs and Foreign Exchange (FX) – part 1

“Foreign exchange management for NGOs”. This was the title of a presentation by Arnold van Willigen, financial director of the Woord en Daad foundation, during the meeting organized by Partos. Organizations handle foreign currency and its inherent risks differently. All kinds of factors can lead to different strategies. For example: Who in the supply chain bears the currency risk? Some organizations choose to transfer the currency risk to the recipients end (by entering into Euro contracts). Other organizations take the currency risk themselves (by entering into contracts in local currencies). In any case, the lesson is that currency risk cannot be reduced to a financial risk.

10 common mistakes IATI publication

10 common mistakes to avoid for IATI publishers

IATI regularly organizes community events, where members and interested parties share knowledge and experiences. Recently, the IATI Virtual Community Exchange was held. Spread over two days, there were both plenary and parallel workshop sessions on transparency, data use, analytics and new initiatives. Some sessions were theoretical and conceptual, but most sessions were very practical. So…

ProjectConnect Roadmap_Lichtfabriek

ProjectConnect Roadmap Event – Innovation in the Spotlight

We believe that inspiration sparks energy. On 28th of October, spotlights are on the Lichtfabriek Gouda, to welcome our partners for the inspirational ProjectConnect Partner Event. We’ll invest our energy to work out the Roadmap with the objective to innovate and deliver more value for our partners and to empower ProjectConnect users. Plug in, be…

ProjectConnect Roadmap_Data en Informatie

ProjectConnect Roadmap Event 2021 – “Plug in!”

On Thursday, October 28, we will gather with a large part of our community at the Lichtfabriek Gouda for the Roadmap Event. In this historic building it is all about energy. In 1910, this is where the power was generated to keep the lights on in the homes of Gouda. Energy ‘flows’, ‘illuminates’, ‘heats’, but…


#CyberSecMonth 2021

Ever since our lives have shifted into the digital dimension, we need technology that we can trust, we want to cooperate in a secure way. We acknowledge that feeling safe in the digital space has become more important than ever before. That’s why the ProjectConnect infrastructure is secure by design. Securing a technical infrastructure however, is less difficult than raising awareness among employees.