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ProjectConnect basistraining

ProjectConnect Foundational Course

The first basic ProjectConnect training is completed! Three ProjectConnect users had the scoop. Thanks to Anna Piechota and Eva Kranendonk. Also interested in a basic training? Get in touch with us! #techforgood #ngo


WeConnect teambuilding – January 19th

On Jan. 19, the ProjectConnect foundation held a successful team-building day in Oosterwolde called “WeConnect.” The event aimed to get to know and connect the organization’s team of developers, consultants and other employees better. The day began with several team-building activities, where participants worked together in small groups to complete various tasks. This was followed…


Health Action International live with ProjectConnect

Health Action International, a global health organization based in Amsterdam, went live with the ProjectConnect web platform. The platform supports the full life cycle of all projects executed by the organization, from planning and execution to monitoring and evaluation. The launch of ProjectConnect marks a significant step forward for Health Action International, as it will…


Aidsfund operational with ProjectConnect

In mid-September 2022, the Aidsfund went operational with ProjectConnect. The Aidsfund is committed to everyone affected by HIV or AIDS. The most important reason for the Aidsfund to choose ProjectConnect was the direct management of projects that it facilitates. ProjectConnect is the system for the integral management of projects, results, finances and hours. This makes…


World YWCA now working with ProjectConnect

The World YWCA, a global organization committed to empowering women and young girls, has successfully implemented ProjectConnect, a web platform for managing grants, monitoring and reporting. The platform was implemented to support the World YWCA’s work with its 9 partners in 7 countries. It will be used for grant management, monitoring, and reporting using the…